All About Dope Nails!

Hey Boogas,

Nail Art has always been around. I even remember almost getting suspended in 4th grade for sneaking off the playground, going to the corner store with my friend to get Lee Press-On Nails!!! ***Don’t even ask. We can discuss that another time. LOL*** Girls are serious about their nails and there are so many things you can do to them. They even made life easier by creating Nail Polish Strips! I like my nails to look clean and nice but it does get hard for me to upkeep because once a nail breaks, I’m over it.

Getting your nails done can be very costly, so I found some dope designs you can do yourself at home. So for those rainy weekends or bored night, you can try some of these…

Galaxy Nails

Glitter Nails

Newspaper Print Nails

Muah for your forehead…

xoxo- Franny Crooks

Posted: Monday, May 7th, 2012 @ 11:45
Categories: dOpE.
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