Why Do I Love Oprah? She Just Inspires Me To Be & Do Better!

Classic pic of Oprah partying with Diddy & Pharrell

Hey Boogas,

If you go on my Twitter (@MissFranny), my bio says “Oprah’s Done! So I have to entertain you now! lol” Oprah isn’t done literally, but I created that bi-line when she left her show and just love it so much that I have not changed it. It is a constant reminder of who inspires me to keep pushing. I remember when Oprah announced that she would be leaving television, it created this feeling in my heart. I felt so sad but so happy to have been so blessed to have such a woman to look up to in my journey of being a Writer, Journalist and Entertainer. I have not only watched Oprah do interviews that covered the best and the worst of the world but I have STUDIED this woman. I don’t sit home and take notes now, but I just watch how she gets into interviews and the questions that she dives right in and asks. She is a fearless woman.

Check out how fearless Oprah is with 50 Cent! Who else would ask that?

Last night, I was on the phone with a friend of mine and we were discussing how I conduct my own interviews. I was telling her that even though you may not be able to tell in my interviews, but I begin so nervous!!! She said to me, “I would be nervous too reading those questions to them.” I told her that I don’t use written questions and she was shocked. When I do interviews, I just go with the flow of whoever I’m talking to. Yes, I do my research and have questions in mind that I definitely want to tackle but I learned from watching Oprah that having question cards just does not create the best interviews. You want your viewers to feel like the conversation is authentic and because of that reason, you will NEVER catch me doing an interview with question cards! Not knocking those that use them but I just will not do so.

Another reason why I adore Oprah is definitely her philanthropy. She has given and given from her famous Oprah’s Favorite Things to her own all girls school she built in Africa, she has given. Not only has she given people material things but she has given people something far more greater and that is the feeling within yourself to know that life can be as great as you imagine it to be. If you believe it, you can have it.

Oprah sets the record straight!

I know one thing is for sure… My journey as an Entertainer will not be complete until I get to have a one-on-one sit down interview with Oprah!!! It will happen and I will make sure of it! It has to happen! LOL! I am determined! I used to say and still do say that oneday Oprah will personally invite me to her Legend’s Ball (still waiting Oprah) but now I want that and more. LOL.

Thank you Oprah for giving me a gift you have no idea you have given to me!

Muah for your forehead…

xoxo- Franny Crooks

Posted: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 @ 10:48
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