Out & About: My Wifey & I Spend QT Together (LOL)

Hey Boogas,

Before the lesbian rumors begin due to the title of this blog, let’s just be clear that my wifey and I are not gay at all nor do we have a problem with gay people; we are just not that. Had to make that clarification. LOL. You guys have seen Pam aka My Wifey on my blog several times. We call each other “wifey” because of a few reasons but nonetheless, she is a very great friend of mine. I was finally off from work this Saturday and we decided at the last minute to go and have brunch at the Grand Lux Cafe. We both have been dying to make it to some sort of brunch but it’s a little hard because I work on the weekends but we made good use of my free Saturday.

Even though my brunch choice is definitely NOT #teamslimandtrim, I had to indulge in their chicken & waffles with a grand mimosa. It was worth every calorie that went to my booty. It was sooooo good and that honey butter…. lawwwwwd! Everything was just good. We ate in their outside patio since it was so nice out and we just enjoyed ourselves. Check some pics…


That honey-butter I was telling you bout! YUMMAAAY!

After we had brunch, my wifey and I went to meet up with my long time friend; Angela! We scurried over to the grand opening of Brooklyn Swirl. Brooklyn Swirl is a new frozen yogurt spot that is just to die for! We went to support. Even though I was stuffed from brunch, I still got on line and ordered. Check the pictures out below and stay tuned to www.TheFrenzyTV.com later this week, where I give you guys exclusive footage into this new hotspot. Owwww! Here’s a lil preview…

Brooklyn Swirl equals YUMS!

Congrats to Jean & his wife Gayna!!! Go to 445 Marcus Garvey Boulevard to taste this yummy goodness for yourself. Tell them Franny sent yah…

Muah for your forehead…

xoxo- Franny Crooks

Posted: Monday, June 25th, 2012 @ 12:12
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