Hey Boogas,

Let me start out by apologizing for just neglecting you all just like that. I am truly sorry but my excuse (which I will not give right now) is worth forgiving me for. I am back with you guys and I am happy to be back. Now that you Boogas have forgiven me…


2012 was a good year but 2013 will be even better. I usually get a notebook and write a list of resolutions down but this year, I will not do so. I have some main mindset goals that will guide me to greatness and they are:

1. Stay Focused

2. Stay Motivated

3. Finish What I Start

If I can continue to keep these 3 things in mind daily, I can get so much more done without the pressure of 2014 coming. Take things day by day but with daily goals in mind.

Even though I don’t have any direct new years resolutions, what are yours? Feel free to share!

Muah for your forehead…

xoxo- Franny Crooks

Posted: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 @ 14:23
Categories: ChitChat.
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