So You Look Like A Celebrity Huh?

I’ve decided to feature Celebrity Look-A-Likes on my blog. I decided this because I think it’s fun and interesting how people of different walks of life can resemble each other and better yet a celebrity!
So, here you have Nicole aka Nikki B. People tell her all the time that she looks like actress Tia Mowry. Nikki is from Queens, NY and she surely enjoys taking pictures like a celebrity on the red carpet. Her Facebook photo’s are flooded! LOL! So what do you guys think? Vote and/or leave a comment!
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Posted: Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 @ 10:17
Categories: Celebrity Look-A-Likes.
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5 Responses to “So You Look Like A Celebrity Huh?”

  1. nikki b Says:

    I take it as a complement she’s a pretty female so if u agree thanks if u don’t that’s fine too its all love

  2. Franny Says:

    well people seem to agree!

  3. sweetpii517 Says:

    hey nikki, can i get your autograph!!!! owwwwww lol

  4. nikki b Says:

    @ sweetpii517 ur silly lol ..thanks for the votes yall lol franny whose next????

  5. Franny Says:

    i cant tell you who’s next! We’re going to have to see!

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