You Should Be In A “Rush”

Hey Boogas,

I told you guys that I had a review for you all and here it is. My lovely friend; Samantha, from Tractenberg & Co. sent me some smell goods. She sent me over Beyonce Heat Rush fragrance and oooooohhh weeeee! It smells soooo good. As soon as I sprayed it, I smelled a burst of mango. Come to find out, it has a combination of Mango Blossom, Orange Hibiscus, Yellow Tiger Orchid and a host of flower scents to create this wonderful fragrance. When I sprayed it on me, I felt like I should be on an island somewhere laying out by the pool. LOL. The mango scent just gives you that feel.

You can get Beyonce’s Heat Rush in most major retail stores. I know that Macy’s sells it. They also carry the Heat Rush Shimmering Lotion if you like to have a glow to you and also smell good. In more good news, Beyonce definitely made it very affordable for everyone. The prices range from $24 to $59. Just up my alley. This just might have to be my go to scent on the daily now. It’s definitely front line on my shelf.

Many thanks to Samantha of Tractenberg & Co. and Coty Fragrances for sending me this. If you want to know more about Beyonce’s Heat Rush, you can click HERE!

Muah for your forehead…

xoxo- Franny Crooks

Feel The Rush Boogas!

Posted: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 @ 10:17
Categories: Goodies, Reviews, Vlog.
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